Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns

plastic-surgery-operating-theatreAs the only NHS plastic surgery unit in Teesside we provide services to a referral base of more than a million people.

This mainly covers the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and South Durham. However, we can also take NHS funded referrals for our specialist services from nationwide.

What is plastic surgery?

People are often confused what plastic surgery is. Many perceive it to be all about face lifts and breast augmentation. While this forms part of cosmetic plastic surgery, particularly within the private sector, it represents a small part of the varied breadth of functional and aesthetic conditions that most plastic surgeons deal with regularly within the NHS.

The term “plastic” surgery derives from the term “Plastikos” meaning “to mould”. It does not relate to the use of plastic within surgery, although certain synthetic materials are sometimes used. Plastic surgery is primarily aimed at reconstructing defects of skin, muscle, tendon, ligament or bone following trauma or tumour removal or for patients with developmental abnormalities.

There are generally two inter-related aspects; form and function. In general, if form is recreated then so too will be function, although this is not always the case.

Reconstruction of form and function

What do we do?

We offer a vast range of services which include the following:

  • Management of skin cancer
  • Breast reconstruction after breast cancer
  • Head and neck reconstruction after cancer and trauma
  • Management of burn injuries
  • Hand surgery (Both emergency and planned)
  • Nerve injuries (Both emergency and long term problems)
  • Management of major limb and soft tissue (skin/muscle) trauma

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Which other medical specialties do we work with?

Plastic surgeons mainly work independently within areas to specific to our specialty. We also regularly collaborate with surgeons from other specialties in order to reconstruct defects in all regions of the body for them.

Common examples include working alongside breast surgeons following mastectomy, cardiothoracic surgeons after open heart surgery, ear nose and throat and maxillofacial surgeons after head and neck cancer resection, or orthopaedic surgeons following open limb fractures.

Because The James Cook University Hospital is a Level 1 regional trauma centre, with a comprehensive range of surgical disciplines on site, we are able to collaborate closely with doctors from the many specialties listed below:

  • Cardiothoracic surgeryintraoperative-plastic-surgery-2016
  • General surgery
  • Gynaecological surgery
  • Urology
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ear, nose and throat surgery
  • Opthalmology
  • Maxillofacial surgery

Who is on our team?

The clinical team comprises highly trained nurses, specialist nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, operating department practitioners and plastic surgeons. Our department has a team of seven full-time, permanent Consultants carefully selected to provide a broad range of skills and experience across the range of plastic surgery. Click here to meet the team

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