Vascular Birthmark Clinic

Every year we treat more than 100 new patients for problem birthmarks and vascular malformations (abnormal formations of blood vessels).

Tobian Muir

While these lesions are benign they can have a huge emotional and psychological impact and some malformations can cause people a lot of pain and discomfort.

Our vascular birthmark clinic offers a full range of pioneering and conventional treatments for both adults and children including surgery, laser treatment, Timoptol gel or propranolol treatment and bleomycin injections. Our experts will advise the best way forward for each individual case.

The trust was the first in Western Europe to offer bleomycin injections – a scarless non-surgical procedure that removes vascular birthmarks by injecting a drug into the affected area. This can produce dramatic results and prevents many patients from having to undergo invasive surgery.

We are now giving this treatment to patients right across the UK. For many, the results are life-changing.

“We’ve seen people who have been told nothing else can be done for them and the results they have had with this treatment have been significant.”

Tobian Muir, plastic surgeon

How can I get further information or arrange a consultation?

There is a weekly clinic and a dedicated paediatric clinic at The James Cook University Hospital.

Your GP can book an appointment directly to this clinic through the current choose and book system, or can send a referral letter to the reconstructive plastic surgery and burns department.

The plastic surgeon responsible for the birthmark clinic is Mr Tobian Muir. If you have any difficulty in arranging a consultation, you can contact Mr Muir’s secretary on 01642 854216.

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