Research and Publications

Research publications

The clinic has performed a number of research studies published in scientific journals. These are listed below:

“Intralesional Bleomycin Injection (IBI) Treatment for Hemangiomas and Congenital Vascular Malformations”
T Muir, GO Ionescu, M Kirsten, P Fourie, N Dippenaa
Pediatric Surgery International, Vol 19, Nr12, January 2004

“Bleomycin plasma spill-over levels in patients undergoing intralesional injection for the treatment of haemangiomas”
GO Ionescu, T Muir, N Dippenaar, P Mabeta, G Shelver, P Fourie
SAMJ 2008; 98(7) 539-540

“Vascular Anomaly Patient’s Experience of the Management of their Condition: a Questionnaire Study”
M M Rahman, M Abouzeid, T Muir
ANZ J Surg. 2008 May; 78 Suppl 1:A116

“General anaesthesia for intralesional bleomycin therapy of vascular malformations: initial 3 yr experience”
G Kessell; S Panchatsharam; E Kothmann; P Finn; A Fall; A Guhan; T Muir
British Journal of Anaesthesia 2009 102: 431-432

Unexpected hyperpigmentation following intralesional bleomycin injection
Sainsbury DC, Kessell G, Guhan A, Fall A, Miller V, Abouzeid MR, Muir T.
J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2009 Nov;62(11):e497-9.

“Vascular anomalies–inconsistencies remain”
Hartley A, Chalmers RL, Muir T.
J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2011 Apr;64(4):555-6.

“Intralesional Bleomycin injection treatment for vascular birthmarks: A 5-year experience at a single United Kingdom unit”
D Sainsbury, G Kesssel, A Fall, F Hampton, A Guhan, T Muir Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2011;127:2031-2044

Research presentations

As part of a commitment to distribute our experience and increase awareness of vascular anomalies a number of research presentations have been performed some of which are listed below:

“Intralesional Bleomycin Injection (IBI) treatment for hemangiomas and congenital vascular malformations”
T Muir, GO Ionescu, M Kirsten, P Fourie
9th ESPRAS (European Societies of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) congress, Rome, Italy
16-20 October 2001

 “United Kingdom experience of Intralesional Bleomycin treatment in vascular anomalies”
Muir T, Abouzeid M, Mabeta P, Dippenaar N, Ionescu GO

16th International Workshop on Vascular Anomalies, International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies, June14-17 2006, Milan, Italy

“Two year outcome of Bleomycin sclerotherapy treatment of vascular anomalies: Cleveland Vascular Malformation Group results”
Muir T, Fall A, Kessel G, Guhan A, Miller V
British Society of Paediatric Dermatology Annual Meeting
16 November 2007, Great Ormond Street, London

BLMH co-localises with mitochondria in keloid, haemangioma and normal skin
Alzweri L, Hole N, Muir T
North East Regional Plastic Surgery Meeting
Riverside Cricket Ground, Durham, 18 March 2011

 “Intralesional Bleomycin Injection In The Treatment Of Head & Neck Vascular Birthmarks – A Six Year Review”
D Sainsbury, T Muir
European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 2010 Congress Bruges, 14 to 17 September