How to refer a patient

Acute referral method

All newly injured traumatic and non-traumatic patients must be referred to the Golden Jubilee Spinal Cord Injuries Centre via the National Spinal Cord Injury Database, if possible within four hours of admission. The centre will only accept electronic referrals.  Newly injured patients will receive a face to face outreach visit from the SCIC acute outreach team within five days of the referral.

To make a referral:

  • Click National Spinal Cord Injuries Referral (this system can only be accessed on an NHS network)
  • Complete the online referral, completing as many of the fields as possible.  Incomplete referrals maybe rejected.
  • Once submitted the referral will be available at the centre and will be dealt with accordingly, the referrer will receive an electronic copy of the referral.

Please see attached a user guide for making referrals via the NSCID for further information.

User Guide (300kb)
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Referral for existing spinal cord injury patients

Referrals for existing patients made by a GP or district general hospital should be made in writing to the spinal cord injuries consultants Mr Mecci and Dr Aung, except for emergency cases. If a patient needs to be referred as an emergency, the referring medical professional should telephone the spinal cord injuries consultants on 01642 282647 in the first instance.

District nurses who may have a concern about a patient should contact the patient’s GP or telephone the relevant specialist nurse to discuss further.