How am I? - Psychological Health Toolkit

You may frequently find yourself asking friends and colleagues “How are you?” but how many times do you ask yourself “How am I?”

The temptation may be just to answer “fine or OK” but taking some time to befriend your mind and body will lead to: More awareness of what you like, want and need; increased happiness and satisfaction at work and at home; improved concentration; better relationships with other people; a healthier body; more energy and more love and respect for yourself.

Mood matrix graphic

The How Am I toolkit comprises of four zones (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) which are based on the way your are feeling right now – your ’emotional temperature’.

Each zone contains a range of tips, simple exercises and videos to help you improve and maintain your psychological health. Use the mood matrix diagram to quickly check which zone you are in right now –  you can then choose the relevant zone panel below to show tips and resources.

Get to know what it looks like for you in each of the zones.

The aim is not to just stick in one zone but to cycle through them. There is no right or wrong zone. You are a human being, wired to survive, your mind and body will take you into the zone that it believes is best for your survival at that moment in time; it is not about only ever being in the green or yellow.

Click on the panels below to view tips, simple exercises and videos.

Red Zone - I feel angry, agitated, anxious, excluded, restless, scared, shocked, uneasy

Yellow Zone - I feel energised, optimistic, proud, surprised, motivational, happy

Green Zone - I feel calm, confident, focused, safe, social

Blue Zone - I feel disconnected, don't care, withdrawn, tired, bored, distracted, spaced out