Yellow Zone - I feel energised, optimistic, proud, surprised, motivational, happy

I need… to capture it!

Build an awe reservoir

Where and when are your awe moments? Build a reservoir of these awe moments. When were your moments of awe? List them, revisit them as you write, notice where in your life you find awe – who inspires awe?, where do you feel awe – art, music, nature, spiritual? Return to awe inspiring people places or activities identified, be open to awe moments without having to explain them or rationalise them. Find moments of awe that are easily repeatable.

Play time

As adults we don’t get enough opportunities to play. Play releases endorphins, improves brain function and stimulates creativity. Where are your opportunities to create and innovate? Now is the time to put down those bright ideas that come to you on paper, share them and work out a plan to action them.

Brain bandwidth check

In yellow your brain will be able to hear information that is given and seek out information that you feel others may need. What information can you share that will be helpful to others? What can you learn? Sign up to that training course.

Get to know your glimmers

Glimmers are micro-moments when your mind and body feel at ease. These frequently go unnoticed as we are biologically wired to pay more attention to negative information. Consciously notice and take in a friendly face, hear soothing sound or notice something enjoyable in the environment that would often go unnoticed. This is a fundamental step in shaping your system; see a glimmer and take it in. Set an intention to look for glimmers in each day, chose a number that feels doable – watch for a single glimmer then increase, notice when you feel a spark of energy (it will happen regularly but because they are such micro moments you need to look out for them). Pay attention to it, say the word glimmer, perhaps put your hand on your heart as you do. Keep a glimmer list and look for glimmers with different people at different times. Share glimmers with someone close to you and schedule glimmer check-ins with each other. The more you notice, the more you will find.

Glimmer to glow

feel the spark of yellow, with a glimmer – pause long enough to notice it, with a glow – stop and celebrate a glimmer – stop and let the glimmer become a glow – take it in for at least 30 seconds and up to 60 seconds, listen to the story that comes with the glow. A glimmer is quick hit of happiness. A glow is a bask in the warmth of the sun, stay in the experience.

Later I can…

Take time to ask myself what is yellow telling me:

  • How often do I go to yellow?
  • What can I do to bring more opportunities for me to be in yellow?
  • What excites me?