About the Radiotherapy Department

Where are we based? How do I arrive?

Endeavour Unit reception

The department is split between two locations on the James Cook site – the main hospital building and the Endeavour Unit. Though the Endeavour Unit is a newer facility, there isĀ  no difference between the quality of service, equipment andĀ treatment between it and that provided within the main hospital building. Which location you will be treated in depends entirely upon the exact nature of your condition and how it needs to be treated.

You can find out more about getting to the hospital here.

Who will I see?

Ordinarily, the first person you will meet will be one of our reception team who will ensure that you are greeted, booked in and directed to where you need to be. Should you need to visit the mould room you will be seen by technicians from that area. From here the staff group that will take care of your imaging and treatment are known as radiographers who are supported by assistants, and a range of professional staff such as medical physicists who ensure that our machines run efficiently and safely.

During your treatment you will also be seen in oncology outpatients by our treatment review team who are also senior radiographers and will ensure that your treatment is on track, and that any concerns or issues that you have are addressed.