What We Do

Dietitians work as part of a multi professional team of specialists who treat patients.

This involves working closely with doctors, nurses, speech therapists and other health care professionals, to ensure the best care is provided.

  • We provide a service to adults & children.
  • We provide individual therapeutic dietary advice to patients on the wards, in outpatients departments, specialist clinics, including weight management and day units including chemotherapy department & renal dialysis unit, in nursing homes, and when required see patients in their own homes.
  • We work with patients who require special dietary advice with a range of conditions some of these include:
    • Diabetes, kidney and liver diseaseNutrition and dietetics
    • Cancer
    • Chest conditions, heart disease, stroke
    • Diseases of the gut
    • Patients with poor nutritional status, weight loss
    • Children with faltering growth, food intolerances and cystic fibrosis

To support our work

  • We provide training and education to patient groups, including DESMOND and DAFNE (for patients with diabetes) to health care staff and students.
  • We provide resources of up to date written information.
  • We perform research, and development in nutrition and auditing of our practice.
  • We liaise with the catering department; ensuring hospital meals meet patient’s nutritional and dietary requirements.