Physiotherapy for Pain Management

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Pain Management Therapies

Information on pain management programmes, explaining your pain, team assessment and one to one physiotherapy.

Graded Activity

Graded activity involves gradually increasing your activity step by step and at a rate that is manageable for you.

Exercising with Persistent Pain

Exercising with persistent pain is like a balancing act. The benefits of exercising with persistent pain are well researched and supported, however there are common stumbling blocks to be aware of; this information will hopefully give you clarity and confidence to pursue exercise as a pain management strategy and hopefully in the long term improve your function and decrease your pain.

Flare Up Management

When you live with persistent pain, experiencing a flare up (or worsening) of pain is actually much more common than you may think.

Pacing and Goal Setting

One of the most popular pain management strategies globally is the idea of pacing activity or activity management.