Pain Management Therapies

Multi-disciplinary team assessment

The therapy multi-disciplinary team consists of specialist physiotherapists and clinical psychologists.

Due to the complex nature of pain and its impact on both emotional and physical wellbeing we combine our therapy skills to run a joint assessment clinic.

We take the time to listen to the patient’s pain story and journey. This enables us to understand the effects of pain and design an individual treatment plan based on patient-centred values.

Explaining your pain

Here at James Cook pain clinic we have a very well established education session on understanding the biology of and the influences on your pain. This is our Explaining Pain session.

It is widely understood that the more we know about pain the more we can use this knowledge to improve our ability to manage it – know pain, know gain!

The Explaining Pain session is designed to do exactly this and through illustration, video, discussion and interaction we aim to help you to better understand the biology of your pain, recognise what can influence your pain experience and learn strategies to improve your management of it.

Please note due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently using bite size educational videos which cover some of the content from our Explaining Pain education sessions.

Pain management programme

This is a psychology and physiotherapy led group programme developed to teach a variety of pain self-management skills which improve function, mental health, and quality of life. The content of this eight-week programme includes:

  • Pain neuroscience education
  • Values based goal setting
  • Behaviour change
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Exercise education
  • Pacing & graded exposure
  • Medication optimisation
  • Flare up management
  • Self-compassion
  • Acceptance and adjustment
  • Communication & language
  • CBT & stress management
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Thoughts & emotions

Please note that due to the COVID–19 pandemic we are currently running a six-week programme virtually through Zoom.


Hydrotherapy as the name suggests is exercise that takes place in water. However, unlike a leisure centre swimming pool, the water in a hydrotherapy pool is heated to around 36 degrees.

In the pool you would work alongside a physiotherapist and possibly a small number other patients to complete exercises specific to your need. Your physiotherapist would guide you throughout the session over a course of six sessions.

1:1 physiotherapy

In the pain clinic physiotherapy is not just about exercise prescription. If you see a physiotherapist as part of your treatment plan you will receive up to date education on the biology of pain, as we know this in itself can help to improve pain.

You will also learn many other strategies to improve your skills in controlling your pain and increasing your function, therefore enhancing your quality of life.

Please note, that due to the COVID-19 pandemic appointments can be offered virtually over the trust’s Attend Anywhere platform or if necessary and justified face to face appointments can be arranged.