Role of the Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a key role in the management of persistent pain.

Whilst on your journey living with your pain, you may have already seen a physiotherapist or two and therefore query why you have been referred again.

Specialist physiotherapists in pain management have a more complex role than simply prescribing exercise therapy.

Firstly, we deliver pain science education to help you gain more understanding about the biology of pain. This education in itself has been shown to make it easier for you to adjust and accept your pain condition.

We can help you identify the vicious cycles of unhelpful thought processes and behaviour patterns, such as the “I should be able to do that” thought or Boom – Bust activity cycling.

Building skills in managing your levels of activity we know can help better control your pain.

Then guided by your values and what is important to you, we can help you to plan your future goals to restore your sense of purpose.

As we help your pain to become more manageable, we see levels of function begin to slowly rise, and disability reduce. Through graded exposure we can help you to continue to build on this.

We assist with flare-up management strategies, improving sleep, relaxation techniques including mindfulness and advice on diet and lifestyle choices; these can all go into your pain self-management tool box.

Working alongside our colleagues here in the pain clinic, the physiotherapists also have expertise in the management of CRPS, neuropathic pain conditions and spinal cord stimulation / neuromodulation, and paediatrics.