Sleep Medicine

The investigation of sleeping disorders is a complex field and covers everything from snoring to life-threatening disorders, such as sleep apnoea, which can affect breathing during sleep.

child asleep in bedThe department of sleep medicine provides investigation and treatment for patients with sleep disorders.

The team is supported by a set of highly skilled clinicians across different areas of sleep medicine, and a full list of team members can be found by clicking here.

The technical team within the sleep department are responsible for performing the highly specialised sleep studies on both adults and children. The aim of undertaking these studies is to aid in the diagnosis of a whole range of sleep disorders.

We have a dedicated two-bed sleep laboratory along with a bed on the paediatric ward at The James Cook University Hospital to look at a number of sleep-related problems. This gives us the ability to admit and study two adult patients per night (Friday to Sunday only) and one paediatric patient per night (Friday to Sunday only).

We run outpatient clinics at a number of outpatient departments within The James Cook University Hospital and Redcar Primary Care Hospital including neurosciences, pain, oral surgery and Marton Day Unit.

Patients in the South Tees area are usually referred by their consultant or GP, or if they live further afield (a tertiary referral) by their clinical commissioning group.

The clinic undertakes the following sleep studies:

  • Paediatric sleep study
  • Inpatient sleep study
  • Tosca
  • Home Respiratory Sleep Study (limited channel polysomnography)
  • Actiwatch and Sleep Diary
  • Overnight Oximetry

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