Admission for TAVI

If the heart team recommend TAVI as the most appropriate treatment option, your name will be added to a waiting list before offering you a date to come in for your procedure.

The waiting list for TAVI is not long. However, if you become more unwell during this time we encourage you to contact the TAVI nurse at James Cook so that your symptoms can be managed.

Once you have a date for your procedure, you will be invited to a pre-admission clinic to see the specialist nurse. This will make sure you are adequately prepared for your procedure and will also give you and your family chance to ask questions.

It is helpful if you bring a list of your medications to this appointment. The nurse in the clinic will advise you on any medication that needs to be stopped and you will be given advice about eating and drinking before the procedure.

Most patients are admitted on the morning of the procedure, although we may ask some patients to come into hospital the night before.