Trauma Ward

The trauma ward at The James Cook University Hospital is ward 36 which is situated on the second floor of the hospital and accessed from the main mall.Accident and emergency James Cook Hospital

The trauma ward has been receiving casualties from all types of accidents and injuries since the move from the Middlesbrough General Hospital in 2003.

The ward staff and the doctors who look after trauma patients have a lot of experience in treating and nursing patients following traumatic injury. Depending on the type of injury, patients may need to spend some time in the intensive care unit either before or after their operation.

The staff on ward 36 are very used to dealing with patients and relatives that are undergoing stressful times and will help in recovering from injuries.

Many different surgical teams look after patients on the ward. Orthopaedic surgeons look after bone and joint injuries and Maxillo Facial surgeons have expertise in injuries around the face and jaw. These are our commonest injuries and these doctors are most commonly seen in and around the ward.

The Accident and Emergency department also look after patients on the trauma ward and they do a daily ward round of patients admitted under their care.

The ward can be contacted on 01642 854536 and visiting times are 3pm to 8pm.