Living With Your Child's Cochlear Implant(s)

This page provides information  on retention and personalisation options for your child’s cochlear implant(s).

It also provides links the to the manufacturers websites and a document detailing the costs of various parts of the cochlear implant. Please use the links below (shown in blue) to navigate to the desired section of the page.

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Where can I find more information about my child’s cochlear implant(s)?

Both Advanced Bionics and Cochlear have a large amount of information on their websites:

Retention Options

Please be aware that the speech processors are very expensive and cost in the region of £5,000 each.  It is therefore very important to have some way of securing it to your ear.  There are various options available to secure the processor, such as a ‘huggy’, ‘snugfit’, an ear mould or ‘Stick ‘n’ Stay’.  Your clinician will go through the options with you in your first week of implant use. 

Some further information is available on the manufacturers websites:

For children it is often easier to use a headband or hat to help keep the processors in place (it is important that the microphone is either left uncovered or is only covered with material that is acoustically transparent, otherwise the child’s hearing will be affected). There are many available, for example:

There are also a number of people also making hearing aid/ cochlear implant headbands and hats/caps on Etsy.

Personalising your child’s processor(s)

If you/your child would like to brighten up and personalise their processors, additional decorations and covers are available from some of the manufacturers and from a number of independent companies (if you purchase any covers for your child’s processor(s) please ensure they are compatible with their model of processor before purchase):

Lugs –

Skinit –

My Little Ears Etsy shop –