Your appointment

During your appointment, you may need to take off some of your clothes for staff to be able to examine you properly.

It may be the clinician is of the opposite sex but if you are uncomfortable with this and would like to be accompanied, please bring someone with you.

Alternatively we can arrange a chaperone for you and the orthotic department would be happy to sort this out if you contact them in advance of your appointment.

It is difficult to know how long patients will need to spend with the clinician and unforeseen delays may occur but we will do our best to keep waiting times to a minimum and give explanations where possible.

If you have already been given an orthosis device in the past, please bring this with you to your appointment.

Some orthoses can be given on the day and others need to be specially made – or ordered for you – and this will be discussed during your appointment. If necessary, a further appointment will be made to make sure everything is fine with the orthoses.

For some orthoses, such as fabric back supports, spinal corsets and stockings, you will need to pay a prescription charge.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact the department to cancel and re-arrange.