Body Contouring


Body contouring
Excluded Allowable
Surgery following massive weight loss BMI greater than 28.
Weight loss not sustained for more than six months.
Surgery for inner thighs and upper inner arms.
Abdominoplasty (‘tummy tuck’) Patients with a BMI greater than 28.
BMI and recent weight change should be included in the referral letter.
Surgery for post partum related abdominal wall laxity, striae gravidarum, skin excess or other change of appearance.
Patients desiring correction of obesity.
Where previous surgical scarring (usually midline vertical, or multiple) leads to very poor appearance and results in disabling psychological distress.
Transverse suprapubic scars (Pfannensteil) usually follwing obstetric or gynaecological surgery only rarely cause such problems.
Intractable intertrigo within a fold of overhanging abdominal skin.
As part of incisional hernia correction.
Correction of problems associated with poorly fitting stoma bags.
Liposuction Reduction and correction of symmetrically distributed fatty deposits for enhancement of appearance (“liposculpture”). Isolated, usually unilateral, deformities (such as lipomata)
Lipodystrophies (Post traumatic and diabetic)
As part of a breast reconstruction revision
Thinning of bulky reconstructive surgical flaps
Limb recontouring Age, sun and cigarette-related laxity of skin giving rise to poor appearance. It would be unusual for any of the below to be requested on the basis of functional disturbance.
Upper arm reductions
Thigh reductions
Buttock lift / reduction
Ehlers Danlos and related collagen disorders of skin leading to premature laxity.