Excluded Allowable
Tattoos All amateur or professional cosmetic, body adorning artistry. (Laser is the most appropriate treatment, provided privately.) Post traumatic eg grit, coal or graphite (pencil lead) tattooed scars.
Body piercing (For debate)
Traumatic clefts secondary to avulsion of body piercing jewellery (split ear lobes, brows, nipples and umbilicuses).
True keloid development secondary to piercing.
Sepsis associated with recent piercing or retained jewellery.
Retained, buried or ‘lost’ jewellery.
Gender reassignment All primary and revisional surgery excluded. Secondary problems should be referred to the primary surgeon or alternatively surgeons currently involved in such work.
Axillary hyperhidrosis Treatment with botulinum toxin.
Where excessive sweating has a physiological basis (obesity).
Where all medical and conservative treatments have failed.