Frequently Asked Questions

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Start of treatment:

I have had a scan and my appointment has been moved – why is that?

When the X-Ray department performs a scan it then needs to be “reported” which means looked at by a consultant radiologist (imaging specialist) and sometimes this happens quickly and sometimes it is a bit more complicated and takes a bit longer. We may need to move your appointment to make sure that the results are ready or if they are ready sooner than we thought.

I phoned up but no one will give me my scan results – why not?

Results can only be given by a doctor and this is often the consultant at the appointment. This is to make sure that you get the correct information and can ask any questions that come up when you hear the results.

I need help with financial advice – who can help

You can either ask CNS to refer to MacMillan Information Centre and they will direct you to the people that can tell you what you are entitled to.

Is there any counselling available? Do you have access to holistic therapies (massage, reiki, acupuncture)?

We have good links with counsellors and holistic therapies through the Trinity Holistic Centre. Please contact CNS who will refer you.

Why do I require dental extractions / teeth removed?

If you are planned to have radiotherapy to your head or neck area, then your jaw bone might get some radiotherapy. If you have any dental disease in your jaw then the radiotherapy can make this much worse. This can lead to long term problems with pain, infection and damage to the bone which is difficult to treat (called osteoradionecrosis). By taking away any teeth that the dental experts feel will cause you problems in the future (even if they are perfectly fine now) then these problems can usually be prevented.

Can I bring a list of questions/ someone with me to support me?

We are very happy for you to bring a list of questions, family or friends to an appointment to help you get all of the information that you need.

Can I have a copy of my letters?

If you would like a copy of your clinic letters, please ask the doctor at the time of the appointment and this will be arranged for you.

I am about to start treatment – should I go on a diet?

We recommend that you eat healthily before treatment, but don’t try and diet or lose weight as you will need your reserves to support you through treatment.