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Welcome to maternity services at The James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage Maternity Centre

Becoming a parent is an amazing and exciting experience and our dedicated purpose is to provide you with highest standard of maternity support and care.

We offer a range of maternity care services in hospital, community and home settings during your important transition to family life. Please click on the links to the left to learn more about the services we offer. Below you can find our latest news.

Maternity Bulletin

Your update to what’s going on across South Tees Maternity Services

Babies Born at South Tees Hospitals

In 2017 we had 5323 babies born, which included 4957 born at the James Cook University Hospital and 251 born at the Friarage Hospital

Have you thought about having your Baby at the Friarage?

If you are low dependency regardless of where you live, you can have your baby at the Friarage. Please look at our section on the Friarage Maternity Centre for more information.

Antenatal Appointments

Please note that wherever you choose to have your baby, you may have antenatal appointments including ultrasound scans at the Friarage Hospital.

Packing your Bag for Hospital

To maintain a safe and spacious environment whilst you are in hospital please only bring what you require for you and your baby. Items such as push chairs and car seats should remain at home until you are discharged.

Please can you bring hats, cardigans and blankets for your baby in your hospital bag as babies can struggle to keep their temperatures stable in the first few days of life.

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Classes

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Classes, provide you and your partner with advice and education pregnancy and birth, life with a baby and parenting skills. Your Health Visitor will invite you to one of these courses. Please see our section on Antenatal Education

South Tees maternity is a NO SMOKING site

Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do to protect the health of your baby[/message]

All mums-to-be are offered support to quit during pregnancy but we know there is still a problem with smoking near our maternity units!

To help our mums-to-be and new mums to kick the habit we will now also be offering Nicotine Replacement Therapy on antenatal and postnatal wards.

Parents and visitors please come to our maternity units with the expectation that we are a no smoking site!

Midwives advise against buying your own fetal heart monitor.

fetal heart monitoring poster jpg

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