Meet the team

The research team is made up of the following staff:

  • Sister Morag Brookes, pain research nurse (team leader)
  • Sister Sara Griffiths, pain research nurse
  • Sister Jennifer Robinson, pain research nurse
  • Sue Copley, research assistant
  • Lesley Harris, research administrator
  • Jeremy Alberio, neuromodulation data entry clerk

Current studies and trials

The pain clinic is very active in carrying out research for patients in pain.

We specialise in researching spinal cord stimulators, intrathecal drug delivery systems, occipital nerve stimulators and similar devices which come under the umbrella term of neuromodulation.

We are currently recruiting to the following research studies/ clinical trials:

Modulate LBP study

This study is looking at using HF10 spinal cord stimulators in patients who have not had any spinal surgery. If you meet the criteria to enter this study, you would be surgically implanted with the SCS and be followed up for a period of six months. If you are interested in this study, please read this patient information sheet.

Pentagon’s study

The Pentagon’s clinical trial focuses on patients who due to diabetes, experience moderate to severe nerve type pain in their feet. If you fulfil all the criteria for the study, you would be surgically implanted for a type of SCS called dorsal root ganglion stimulator which can target foot pain better. After the implant you would be followed up for a period of six months.