General Information

The biochemistry department offers a broad spectrum of tests used in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease.

This involves the measurement of specific chemical components of body fluids using a variety of analytical techniques. The department is divided into three sections:

  1. Automation – This section performs the high volume of routine and urgent tests required from biochemistry in a large NHS trust. It is staffed 24 hours a day, with minimal staffing levels outside core hours.
  2. Endocrinology – This section offers a comprehensive range of endocrine tests including tumour markers, hormone assays and markers of cardiac damage.
  3. Special chemistry – This section performs a range of assays, which require the use of specialist analytical techniques.

Referred test information

A number of biochemistry investigations require referral to external laboratories. We have identified a list of these tests which are expensive in cost and specialist in nature and should be requested on a named consultant basis only.

The list in the table below highlights these tests in which the requesting consultant should be named in the clinical details box of the request alongside the reason for request. This will act as authorisation for the test, and if absent, samples will be delayed until this information is provided.

Referral laboratories may require further clinical details to aid the clinical interpretation and this will also allow the appropriate consultant to be contacted if additional information is required regarding the case.

7-Dehydrocholesterol Alpha Sub Unit
ALP Isoenzymes Amyloid A
Alpha-galactosidase AVP (arginine vasopressin)
Anti-Mullerian Hormone/AMH
(non fertility clinic requesters)
Beta quantification lipids
Asialotransferrin (TAU) CSF Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase
Cholinesterase G-1-P Uridyl Transferase
Full porphyria testing (not initial screening) Gut Hormones eg. CgA, NKA, PP, Gastrin
Glycine CSF/Glycine plasma Orexin CSF
Haemochromotosis Genotyping Plasma Pipecolic Acid
Macroprolactin Trimethylamines
Pipecolic Acid urine Vitamin K
Urine Steroid profile White cell enzymes
Titanium Very long chain fatty acid

If you have queries about this information contact James Cook Biochemistry Lab – 01642 850850 ext 54371