Limb Reconstruction

184930674Here at The James Cook University Hospital department of trauma and orthopaedics, we offer a specialist service for people requiring surgery or assessment following previous injury or bone infection.

While the majority of patients undergoing surgery or other forms of care after injury do very well, some people require specialist input if their broken bones don’t heal well, if they heal in a bad position or become infected.

Mr Jim McVie and Mr Will Eardley work together to provide174867902 this service through a weekly clinic on Thursday mornings. Professor Richard Montgomery is also a valued member of this team, contributing to the multi-disciplinary overview of these often complex problems.

Cases in which there is difficulty in bone healing, problems following operations for broken bones or infection in the bone can take some time to address and more than one clinic visit may be required.

While some patients with these problems may require surgery, others may not and Mr McVie and Mr Eardley will discuss all the options that are available, going through the good and bad points of each option with you.