Pathology Phonebook

Division of Pathology
Karl Hubbert Operations Director 53987
Martin McFadden Blood Sciences Service Lead 57387
Jacqui Richards Cellular Sciences Service Lead 55699
Jane Hill PA to Pathology Service 54361
Martin Sturdy Administration 54363
Ann Wallis Pathology Quality Manager 55239
Data Analysis / Data Quality
Daniel Betchetti Data Analyst 55232
Any merging queries
Pathology Research and Development
Steven Liggett Facilitator 55676
Central Sort
Ellen-Jane Castling Blood Sciences Operational Lead 52633
Andrew Henson Pre & Post Analytical & Logistics Manager 57222
JCUH Reception/Results/Enquires
(Results available between 1pm and 4pm only)
FHN Results/Enquires 63039
FHN Data Entry 63052
Blood Sciences
Ellen-Jane Castling Blood Sciences Operational Lead 52634
Nicola Bateman Biochemistry Lead BMS 52634
Dr H Datta Consultant Chemical Pathologist Nicola Rigg (Secretary) 52633
Dr I Oluwatowoju
Andrew Teggert Principle Clinical Scientist
Automation Laboratory 54371
FHN Laboratory/Out of Hours 63036
JCUH Out of Hours 52631
Cellular Pathology
Fax: JCUH 01642 854384
Results/Enquires JCUH Cellular Pathology office 54383
Dr A Mutton Clinical Director 54176
Jo Greenan Secretary to Consultant Histopathologists 55671
Denise Harrison 54131
Sophie Harman
Julie Jones 55648
Jacqui Richards Cellular Pathology Services Manager 55699
Chris Dunne Lead BMS 55688
Dr K Caci Consultant Histopatholgist 55647
Dr V Martin 54163
Dr A Svec 55282
Dr J Walker 55700
Dr M Devaraj 54458
Dr M Bhattacharjee 54364
Dr M Lavaei 54338
Dr S Nagarajan 55694
Dr S Venkatesan 55234
Dr K Prasad 64210(FHN)/55690(JCUH)
Kay Hugill Secretary for Dr Prasad 63040
JCUH Main Laboratory 54126
FHN Main Laboratory 63038
Dr David Scoones Consultant Neuropathologist 54388
Blood Transfusion
Main Laboratory 52630
Out of Hours 52630
Transfusion Practitioners 52802
Fax Number 01642 835684
Dr R Dang (Secretary) Consultant Haematologist 54139
Dr J Maddox (Secretary) 54139
Dr D Plews (Secretary) 54381
Dr A Wood (Secretary) 54377
FHN Consultant Haematologist Secretary 63051
Chris Elliott Blood Transfusion Lead Scientist 01642 282633 (ext. 52633)
Lorna Grange Haematology Lab Manager 56308
Daniella M Winterburn Coagulation Lead Clinical Scientist
Specialist Registrars 55697 and Bleep number 5697
JCUH Haematology Lab 52637
JCUH Coagulation 54315
JCUH Microscope Laboratory 54382
JCUH Out of Hours 52630
FHN Haematology 63037
FHN Out of Hours 63037
24 hour advice available from Haematologist on call Please contact via switchboard
Immunology Laboratory All enquiries 54129
Fax Number External: 01642 835990
Internal: 55990
Secretaries to Consultants 52604
Dr M Kalra Consultant Microbiologist (Clinical Lead)
Dr C Marodi Consultant Microbiologist
Dr I Kubelka
Dr V McCure Consultant Clinical Scientist
Sandra Gittins Virology Lead BMS 55932
Elaine Watson Bacteriology Lead BMS 55932
Andrea Hughes Microbiology Secretaries
Vicki Cook
JCUH Virology Lab External: 01642 854289
Internal: 54289
JCUH Microbiology Enquires All Enquiries (24/7) 52606
General lab enquiries (Lab Admin) 54456
Mortuary Office 54387
Dr Scoones JCUH General PM clinical advice 54388