Specimen Transport

Specimen submission

Samples to be submitted to pathology MUST be sent by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Samples submitted directly by the patient cannot be accepted unless submitted with a request form signed by a qualified professional.

Patients are able to carry their own specimens to the laboratory via their own or public transport.

Specimen transport

GP samples

Samples are collected regularly from GP surgeries by the Pathology transport couriers and delivered either to The James Cook University Hospital or Friarage Hospital Pathology Central Specimen Reception according to defined schedules.

South Tees Hospitals

The James Cook University Hospital and Friarage Hospital – Routine samples should be delivered to Pathology Central Specimen Reception at all times via the hospital porters service or the pneumatic tube system.

Out of hours

Samples requiring to be transported between the Friarage and James Cook sites must be package in accordance with Department of Transportation Regulations and collected in the first instance by EVS Blood Bikes or Boro Taxis where unavailable.

Specimens from external NHS trusts and other organisations

Samples from external service users can be delivered in person to either the Friarage or James Cook Pathology Central Specimen Reception or sent via Royal Mail or courier service.

All samples must be transported in compliance with Department of Transport guidance, Packaging and transport requirements for patient samples – UN3373.

Any queries regarding specimen transport can be addressed to stees.pathologysupplies@nhs.net.