Pharmacy professions

Pharmacy play an incredibly important role at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the wider NHS care system. Find out more about the pharmacy roles available.

Ayman Akhter


Ayman was a foundation trainee pharmacist at South Tees and has now successfully qualified as a pharmacist. Learn more about Ayman’s training and new role:

Curtis Booth

Senior pharmacy technician

Curtis has been a senior pharmacy technician for Omnicell for two years and has recently progressed further, to clinical pharmacy technician manager for trauma, orthopaedics and surgical services. Learn more about Curtis’s role as a senior pharmacy technician.

Hannah Fewtrell

Pharmacy technician

Hannah came to James Cook pharmacy in September 2019. Learn more about Hannah and her role as a pharmacy technician at South Tees.

Charity Jacob

Pharmacist (aseptics and cancer services)

Charity is a pharmacist in aseptics and cancer services. Learn more about her role in pharmacy.

Gurjeet Kaur

Pre-reg trainee pharmacy technician

Gurjeet has been a pre-registration trainee pharmacy technician since September 2022. Learn more about her role in pharmacy.

Paul Kirby

Chief pharmacy technician

Paul has been chief pharmacy technician at South Tees Hospitals for almost three years.

Emily Azam

Specialist medical pharmacist

Emily is a senior pharmacist for General Medicine. Learn more about her role.

Katie Longstaff

Pharmacy assistant

Katie has worked as a pharmacy assistant in pharmacy stores since 2017. Learn more about her role in pharmacy at the trust.

Stephen Meehan

Senior assistant technical officer

Senior assistant technical officer Steven began working in the aseptics department within pharmacy in 2019 as an assistant technical officer (ATO). Find out more about his journey at the trust.

Eilis Plenderleith

Clinical pharmacy manager

Eilis has been a pharmacist at South Tees Hospitals since 2015. Learn more about her role as a pharmacist at South Tees.

Gemma Stringer

Pharmacy technician aseptic services

Gemma started her career in pharmacy in 2012 working at James Cook Hospital as a student technician. Learn more about her role in pharmacy.

Julie Swaddle

Chief pharmacist

Julie is the chief pharmacist. Find out more about Julie's role.

Mandy Leach

Ward assistant technical officer

Mandy is in a brand-new role of ward assistant technical officer. Learn more about Mandy’s role

Calum Polwart

Consultant oncology pharmacist

Calum is a consultant oncology pharmacist, who started at South Tees in 2020. Learn more about Calum’s role

Korina McVay

Acute and community pharmacy technician

Korina is the acute and community pharmacy technician for the hospital at home team. Learn more about Korina’s role.

Richard Cowan

Specialised antimicrobial pharmacist

Richard is the departments highly specialised antimicrobial pharmacist. Learn more about Richard’s Role.

Daniel Pugh

Senior informatics pharmacy technician

Daniel is a highly specialised senior informatics pharmacy technician. Learn more about Daniel’s role

Adele Gill

Medicines optimisation, formulary and homecare pharmacy technician

Adele Gill is the trust's medicines optimisation, formulary and pharmacy technician.