Anti-Islet Cell Antibody

Alternative name: Pancreatic Islet Cell Antibody
Description: The first autoantibodies shown to be associated with insuli dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). They react with the whole islets not just insulin producing cells. Reportedly present in 90% of patients with IDDM at presentation, they are detected in a much lower proportion since the antibodies often disappear soon after (but sometimes before) diagnosis. There is an increased prevalence in relatives of patients with IDDM.
Indication: Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.
Interpretation: Anti-islet cell antibodies are present in 90% of patients with Type I insulin-dependant/juvenile diabetes particularly around the time of diagnosis. They tend to disappear later unless there is multi-endocrine disorder. They are also found less commonly in non-diabetic relatives. They can serve as early markers to identify anti-islet cell autoimmunity before the onset of clinical symptoms.
Sample: Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Assay details: Indirect immunfluorescence primate tissue
Restrictions: Referred test
Reference range: Negative/positive
Assay range notes: Positive samples Titre 1:40-1:320
Turnaround time: 28 days
Analysing laboratory: North Cumbria