Clinical Use: Differential diagnosis of spontaneous hypoglycaemia.
Background: The measurement of both insulin and C-Peptide is advisable in these investigations since in some cases of insulinoma, insulin levels may be low or marginally inappropriate whereas C-Peptide is almost always raised. Further tests, such as those for ketones, proinsulin, sulphonylureas, growth hormone and the insulin-like growth factors may also be required to complete the diagnostic process.
Reference Ranges: Adult (Fasting): 1.6 – 10.9 mU/L

An interpretation of the result(s) will be provided where sufficient information accompanies the request. The level of Insulin may also give info on possibility of insulin resistance.
For further clarification please contact the SAS laboratory.

Associated Diseases:
Patient Preparation: Hypoglycaemia, spontaneous or whilst fasting, must first be established, by regular monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Blood collected in a plain vacutainer or syringe, when the blood glucose concentration (confirmed by laboratory analysis) is less than 2.2 mmol/L (or less than 2.5 mmol/L in patients over 60 years), should be used for the tests.

Specimen Requirements: A serum (SST) sample is required for this assay
Turnaround Time: 1 week
Additional Information: For samples that are required to be sent frozen there is a courier service that goes to Newcastle every Wednesday.

N.B. Record the blood glucose concentration on the request form.

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