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Description: Haptoglobin is a serum glycoprotein which binds free haemoglobin released on damage of red cells. The haptoglobin-Hb complex is cleared by the reticuloendothelial system. Consequently haptoglobin is depleted from serum in states of intravascular haemolysis. Haptoglobin levels rise as part of the acute phase response.
Indication: Detection and assessment of haemolytic conditions.
Interpretation: In haemolytic states, haptoglobin levels are usually extremely low or undetectable.
Sample: Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Assay details: Nephelometry
Restrictions: Increased levels of lipids (lipaemia), haemoglobin (haemiolysis), or the prescence of icterus in the assay sample may affect the assay result.
Reference range: Male: 0.5 – 2.0g/L
Female: 0.4 – 1.6g/L
Assay range notes: Lower values are seen in children
Turnaround time: 5 – 7 days
Analysing laboratory: Immunology The James Cook University Hospital