Clinical Use:
Background: Although the major form of prolactin in human serum is the monomer both “big prolactin” and macroprolactin higher molecular weight forms co-exist. Macroprolactin is a complex of prolactin with an IgG antibody and shows variable reactivity in immunoassays for prolactin.
Reference Ranges: Intepretation of results is provided on the report
Associated Diseases:
Patient Preparation:
Specimen Requirements: Sample type:

  • Serum

Sample identification:

  • Three patient identifiers from
    • Name
    • D.O.B.
    • Address
    • N.H.S. number
    • Unit Number

    should match on the specimen and request form. This check may be performed prior to centrifugation by the Central Sort department.

Turnaround Time: 1 week
Additional Information:
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